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The AusPollen Partnership is a multi-centre cross-disciplinary team of investigators including eminent allergy physicians and scientists. Our AusPollen team has extensive expertise in allergic respiratory disease, plant biotechnology, molecular immunology, pollen aerobiology, climatology, and biostatistics.

The AusPollen Partnership Project is currently supported by NHMRC and in kind and cash contributions from Asthma Australia, Australasian Society for Clinical Immunology and Allergy, The Bureau of Meteorology, MeteoSwiss (Switzerland), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Stallergenes Australia.

The Partnership Project is managed by Queensland University of Technology

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Forerunner Projects

Towards the Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership for better management of pollen exposure and respiratory health outcomes

Funded by the Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia (2015- June 2016) with co-sponsorship from Asthma Australia and Stallergenes Australia.

The Australian Aerobiology Working Group  was funded by The Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, a Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network NCRIS intitiative (2013-2014).  MSD provided untied co-sponsorship. 

The team analysed existing pollen count data from different regions of Australia. Currently available pollen count data sets demonstrated  evidence of regional and seasonal variability in airborne pollen levels. Limitations in the existing data sets and the insufficient capacity to monitor pollen aerobiology in Australia were revealed.





Workshop 1 March 11 – 15, 2013

 davie ws1-1024

Left to right: Alfredo Huete (University of Technology, Sydney), Bradley Campbell (University of Queensland), Simon Haberle (Australian National University), David Bowman (University of Tasmania), Bircan Erbas (La Trobe University), Edward Newbiggin (University of Melbourne), Janet Davies (University of Queensland), Paul Beggs (Macquarie University), Ian Godwin (University of Queensland), Don Vicendese (La Trobe University), Fay Johnson (University of Tasmania), Alison Jaggard (Macquarie University), Rewi Newnham (Victoria University, New Zealand), Danielle Medek (Australian National University).


Workshop 2. November 4-8, 2013

 davies ws2 1024

 Left to right: Michel Thibaudon (RNSA, France), Ed Newbigin (University of Melbourne), Brad Campbell (University of Queensland), Janet Davies (University of Queensland), Danielle Medek (Australian National University), Connie Katelaris (University of Western Sydney and Westmead Hospital), Simon Haberle (Australian National University), Paul Beggs (Macquarie University), Alison Jaggard (Macquarie University), Fay Johnston (University of Tasmania), Don Vicendese (LaTrobe University), Rewi Newnham (Victoria University, New Zealand) and Alfredo Huete (University of Technology, Sydney).



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