Dr Rieks van Klinken PhD BSc

Ecosystem Science

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Dr Rieks van Klinken is the Group Leader (Northern Australia) CSIRO Health and Biosecurity program.  He is internationally recognised for is contribution to the Biosecurity field.  Most of his career has been focused at the interface between science and policy/practice.  Dr van Klinken was a local collaborator, instigator and founder of the Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee (PMMC) (in 2000).  The PMMC is now one of the most successful, and long-running community-led weed management groups, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders (government, conservation, pastoral, mining, indigenous) around a common goal and resulting in many millions of dollars for on-ground management.  He has also been an instrumental, long-term member of the National Lippia Management Group, and the National Prickle Bush Management Group.

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