Professor Simon Haberle PhD, BA,

Dept Archaeology and Natural History, School of Culture, History and Language

Australian National University

Prof Haberle is a palynologist from ANU whose research and teaching is in the areas of palaeoecology, archaeological science, melissopalynology, and aerobiology. He has extensive knowledge of pollen and other microscopic indicators found in fossil deposits and he uses this knowledge to reconstruct past environmental change and investigates the nature and tempo of human influence on our world. The establishment of the online Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas ( in his lab at ANU has revolutionised access to collections of Australian and regional pollen flora enabling better access and understanding of pollen morphologies used in a range of research areas. He has been working in aerobiology studies for the last decade and has been actively counting daily pollen records from Darwin, Daintree Rainforest, Canberra, and Hobart (including 4 regional stations across Tasmania). He is also collaborating with colleagues in Beijing (China) to develop an aerobiology program.


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