Professor Connie Katelaris MB BS FRACP PhD

Immunology & Allergy, University of Western Sydney 

Head of Unit, Campbelltown Hospital

Dr Katelaris is Professor, Immunology & Allergy at Western Sydney University, and Head of Unit and Senior Staff Specialist at Campbelltown Hospital. 

Dr Katelaris has conducted aerobiological research in rural and urban centres over the last 35 years, including pollen counts for the Sydney Olympics. She is responsible for one of the longest running aerobiological programmes in Australia, monitoring pollen and fungi in the Sydney region. 

Dr Katelaris serves on the Executive Committee of International Association of Aerobiology and initiated the Asian Aeroallergen Network for the World Allergy Organisation. She is a member of the Aerobiology Interest Group of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. In 2014, Dr Katelaris hosted the 10th International Congress on Aerobiology at Western Sydney University.

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