Professor Alfredo Heute PhD, BSc

Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Cluster

Sydney University of Technology


My main research interest is in using remote sensing to study and analyse broad scale vegetation health and functioning. I use satellite data to observe land surface responses and interactions with climate, land use activities, and major disturbance events. I also look at vegetation dynamics, landscape phenology processes, and their shifting seasonalities with climate varaiability. Recently, I used remote sensing and field measurements to understand the phenology patterns of tropical rainforests and savannas in the Amazon and Southeast Asia and my Amazon work was featured in a National Geographic television special entitled "The Big Picture". Currently my research involves coupling eddy covariance tower flux measurements with ground spectral sensors and satellite observations to study carbon and water cycling across Australian landscapes.

I am actively involved with several international space programs, including the NASA-EOS MODIS Science Team, the Japanese JAXA GCOM-SGLI Science Team, the European PROBA-V User Expert Group, and NPOESS-VIIRS advisory group.

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